Resolutions are the process CFUW uses to create advocacy policies. These policies then direct the advocacy we undertake at the local, provincial, national and international level.

A new policy resolution begins with a club drafting a resolution, complete with background material and bibliography, on issues on which they wish to have action taken. These subjects often relate to education, health, human rights and social well-being for women and girls in particular, and society as a whole. The resolutions are vetted by the CFUW resolutions committee and then are sent out to all clubs for review. Each club votes on whether to support the resolutions, and sends in any amendments they feel will strengthen them. At the CFUW Annual General Meeting, club delegates vote on final resolutions as instructed by their club.

CFUW Nanaimo considers resolutions through a one-time annual committee process. The committee meeting includes a dinner, followed by examination and discussion of the resolutions. At the next general meeting, recommendations are made to members who then have an opportunity to vote for the club position.