Interest Groups

Interest Groups are a great way to benefit from life-long learning, socializing and meeting other members in a smaller setting, often in members’ homes.  During the COVID pandemic, groups have made a variety of adjustments to their meeting formats.  Please see details outlined below, in bold orange font.


We read a variety of titles, selected by the members and often available at the library or for purchase. Discussion is wide-ranging through members’ various backgrounds and the connections they make to the novels.  We meet the second Wednesday of the month.  Meeting on ZOOM
WHO DONE IT? If you like mysteries and would like to get together with a group of like-minded readers to discuss your favourites and learn about writers that might be new to you, please join us the first Thursday evening of the month.  Meeting on ZOOM
We get together the first Wednesday afternoon of the month to talk about mystery novels. Here is an opportunity to read your favourite author or discover a new author. Please join us.  Meeting on ZOOM
WOMEN’S ISSUES The third Thursday of the month at 1:30 pm finds us meeting to discuss a wide variety of books chosen by members. We read books by women, for women or about women.  Meeting on ZOOM
WEDNESDAY NOVEL AFTERNOONS A terrific group of women that meet the fourth Wednesday of the month to have a friendly discussion about that month’s book.  Meeting on ZOOM
THURSDAY AFTERNOON READERS We read a wide range of Canadian and International general fiction along with the occasional non-fiction book. We meet the second Thursday of the month at 1:30 pm.  Meeting on ZOOM
TUESDAY AFTERNOON ECLECTIC READERS We meet at 1:30 pm the third Tuesday of the month and read a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books.   Many of the books are available to reserve from the library.  Meeting on ZOOM
JANE AUSTEN READ ALOUD GROUP We read aloud from Jane Austen’s novels and include time for lively discussion.  We meet the first and third Thursday at 10:30 am.  Meeting on ZOOM


JOY OF NOT COOKINGjoynotcooking One Tuesday evening every other month we meet at a local restaurant to try new cuisines in the city.  Anyone is welcome.  Not currently active
ADVENTURES IN DINING This couples group meets on an occasional basis to enjoy a co-operative dinner in the hostess’ home. The hostess sets the menu plan and everyone brings complementary dishes and wine. Not currently active
DASH-AWAY-LUNCH Every month we take a break and have lunch where we enjoy multicultural cuisine and support local businesses. Anyone welcome.  Not currently active
VEGGIE POTLUCKvgpotluck Meet the fourth Tuesday of the month for an eclectic and interesting conversation while enjoying a meal of dishes chosen and prepared by each attendee. Members explore vegetarian and vegan recipes, and are willing to experiment with unfamiliar vegetables and new dishes.  Not meeting during cooler months, plan to regroup for outdoors in the spring
INTERNATIONAL DINING GROUP We get together once a month to share a dinner with an ethnic theme. Each month a country is selected and everyone attending brings a dish from that country to share. Members take turns hosting this social evening on the fourth Thursday.  Not currently active


CANASTA canasta Come and join our Canasta Hand and Foot group.  We meet every first and third Monday at 7:00 pm.  The number of tables and people depends on who is hosting.  Not currently meeting
BRIDGE The bridge group meets every second and fourth Wednesday at 1:00 pm.  Playing using an online platform and ZOOM
CODE NAMES This team game is based on the board game, and is good exercise for the mind.  Played with six or more players.   Meets every third Wednesday at 7:30 pm.  Playing on ZOOM


THE WALKING GROUP Our walks are 9:00 am Monday morning except statutory holidays. We meet at a Nanaimo park trailhead or carpool from a suitable location. Our 1 to 1 ½ hour walks alternate from leisurely along paved trails to more energetic along well-established trails.  Runners are suitable footwear.  Everyone is welcome.  In adherence to Public Health guidelines, the group is not currently meeting.   Some members arrange to walk in pairs.  Group will resume when Public Health guidelines allow.
SLOWER, SHORTER, LATER WALKING GROUP This walking group meets Mondays at 10:30 am and walks a little slower and a shorter distance than our other CFUW walking group. In winter we walk alternate 2 local parks on Mondays, weather permitting. During summer months we include other parks.  Dogs on leash are welcome. Not currently active
THE CYCLING GROUP Explore Nanaimo Tuesday mornings on bike paths and local streets. Helmets required, all skill levels welcome.  Group continues to meet
WINTER SNOW INTEREST GROUP Interested in heading up to Mt. Washington for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing?  We are hoping to have a couple of outings each season and maybe fill a car or two.  Not active for 2020-2021


Interested members share a block of tickets for the Vancouver Island Symphony performances.  Not currently active
THEATRE GROUP Interested members share a block of tickets for the Bailey Theatre performances.  Not currently active
JAUNTS If you enjoy an occasional day out experiencing what our Island has to offer, join this special group. Watch the newsletter and announcements for upcoming events.  Any club member can initiate a jaunt, including theatre, music performances, in town or out of town outings.   Jaunts could be virtual events


STITCHERY Every second Thursday afternoon bring your knitting, quilting, hooking, embroidery or other project and work on it with other members. We meet in members’ homes and share our projects and friendly conversation.  Not meeting during cooler months.
TRAVEL TIPS traveltips Come and share your travel experiences from near and far. Presenters have traveled through Europe, Asia, South America, Haida Gwaii, and on a variety of cruises. This is usually an evening format held throughout the year in one of our homes. Not currently active
We have fun as we read and informally discuss articles of interest on a wide variety of subjects. Sometimes members report on their travels or we play board games. We try to go to “French events” in our area.  We meet the first and third Monday of the month at 1:30 pm. Meeting on ZOOM
KNOW YOUR iPAD We meet every second Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 pm.  To learn to make full use of all your iPad’s features, try this group. Activity and location to be determined
PODCAST GROUP Members independently listen to a podcast chosen by one of the participants, and than come together for a discussion.  Podcasts capture interesting topics related to behavioural, biological, physical and natural sciences.  Meets first Tuesday, 7:00 pm.  Meeting on ZOOM
ADVOCACY GROUP This group discusses local issues affecting women and areas in which we as a club may be of assistance to further a cause, lend support, or bring an issue to public attention. Not currently active
WRITERS GROUP An eclectic group of women writing novels, poetry, short stories and family history. Bring your own work and read it to the group or come and listen to what others have written. We meet every other Wednesday morning at 10:00 am. Meeting on ZOOM
LET’S CHAT A small group for informal, friendly chats on two topics per week.  Topics are suggested by individual members.  Meets weekly on Mondays, 1:30 pm.  Meeting on ZOOM
LET’S CHAT 2 A small group for informal, friendly chats.  Topics are suggested by individual members.  Meets third and fourth Tuesdays, 7:30 pm.  Meeting on ZOOM